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Motion for appropriate relief

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The American judicial system, like all human endeavor, is prone to error. While all elements of the criminal justice system strive to be as perfect as possible, mistakes will inevitably be made. When the legal system fails, and your rights fall victim to the error, the courts must be held accountable. Pruden Law never tolerates the violation of clients’ rights, especially when the violations are perpetrated by the very institution designed to protect and serve those rights.

What is a Motion for Appropriate Relief?

A motion for appropriate relief (MAR or MFAR) is a request made by the defendant for the judge to reverse a conviction or alter a sentence. MARs can be an effective legal tool if the defendant received flawed legal counsel or if the court acted unlawfully during the course of the defendant’s case. Many criteria may establish grounds for an MAR, and Pruden Law can help determine if such a motion would be a remedy for you.
If you believe you were a victim of ineffective counsel or legal error, please contact Pruden Law. We can help you restore your rights and correct the failings of the courts.

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