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attorney william pruden

My name is william pruden

William Christopher Wood Pruden is an attorney at Pruden Law, PLLC and a Military Intelligence Captain in the Army Reserves. William’s practice focuses on asset forfeiture and criminal defense, including federal cases involving classified information and complex financial allegations.

William was born and raised in Edenton, North Carolina and comes from a long line of lawyers; including a founding member of the North Carolina State Bar and a judge in the Nuremburg War Trials. Before entering the practice of law, he enlisted in the North Carolina National Guard in 2010, where he served as an Infantry Platoon Leader and Executive Officer. While in the National Guard, William also served as a member of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Executive Protection Detail.

In 2013, William attended the Army’s Military Intelligence school where he graduated in the top five percent of his class. In his last year of law school, the Army ordered him to active duty where he served as a Senior Intelligence Analyst for the current Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, General Mark A. Milley, and U.S. Army Forces Commander, General Robert. B. Abrams. After graduation from Campbell Law School, William entered the U.S. Army’s Psychological Operations Division as a reservist Captain.

While at Campbell University, William earned both his law degree and his master’s in trust and wealth management. He was also the Military Law Students Association President and led the Veterans Re-Entry Project.

William transfers his military training and experience into drive and vigilance at work, representing people accused of serious offenses and believing firmly in protecting the constitutional rights of his clients and their property from government seizure and forfeiture.

I am Dedicated to defending my clients.